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如 No one knows the answer. 无人知道这个答案。*no的语气较强

I could get no information. 我无法得到消息.*不可用I couldn't

This coat has no pockets.这件外套没有口袋.*no的语气较强

No student is to leave the room.学生不得离开这个房间.

*be to=将 *no用于句首表示强烈否定

He is not a child any more. 他不再是一名孩子了。

Neither he nor I have finished the experiment.他和我都没有完成实验。

Neither he nor I have to go to school. 他和我都不用上学。

Neither statement陈述 was true.     2个陈述句都不真实。

He neither speaks English,nor understands it. 他既不会讲英语,也听不懂英语。

This book is not instructive nor interesting. 这部书既无益,也无趣味。

=This book is not instructive or interesting. 这部书既无益,也无趣味。

No department stores open on Sundays.星期天百货商店都不开门。


No,not,and neither are negatives。No,not,和 neither都是否定词。
No,not yet。还没有。
>If not,you'll be sorry.否则你会后悔的。


如 She is part French,part English.她一半法国血统,一半英国血统。

He either speaks English,or understands it.
他或是会讲英语,或是懂英语.*I'm not sure which.

I left it either on the table or in the drawer.

Half the students are here.一半学生来了。
Yes and No.又是又不是。
Half of the money is mine.这钱的一半是我的。

She doesn't sing as well as playing the piano.她不唱歌,但弹琴。


比较 He doesn't play half as well as his sister.



This book is not instructive and interesting.这部书虽然有益,但无趣味。


Both houses are not white.两所房子不都是白色的


如 She was part right.她有些方面是对的.(描写句

One minus one equals zero.1-1=0

I fail to understand it.我未能理解它.(动态句)

I failed to obtain[эb`tein] a scholarship[`sk ) lэ∫ip].我没有获得奖学金.<>

Her answer is negative.她的答复是否定的.

As he waited to be served, he became very impatient.


My parents have part ownership in the restaurant.



如 He can't be Chinese.他不可能是中国人.(He must be American.他一定是美国人.)

You'd better not say that.你最好别说那样的话。


He usedn't to make that mistake.  他过去不常出这种错。

There's hardly anybody he's afraid of. 他害怕的人几乎没有。


*all(not all) ,both(not both) ,every(not every), 等不定代词+not=并非

All answers are not correct.并非全部答案都是正确的。


Not all the answers are right. 并非全部答案都是正确的。

Sometimes you can not have both family and work.


Everyone cannot answer this question.并非每个人都能回答这个问题。

Prices are not stable these days.最近物价不稳定.

*not+ always,many,much,everywhere,entirely,wholly...=并非-->均以否定非动词为特征

Money does not always bring happiness. 金钱并非总能带来快乐。

Your lessons are not always hard. 你们的功课并非总是很难的。

Not many men turned out for duty. 出勤人数不太多。*turned out穿戴好的

The English do not drink much wine.  英国人喝酒不多。

Such a thing is not found everywhere.这类事并非到处都有。

I'm not entirely happy with that idea. 我对那个主意并非十分满意。

Neither he nor they are wholly right. 他和他们都不完全正确。


如 She didn't marry him because she loved him. 她不是因为爱他,才与他结婚的。

I don't believe she'll arrive before 7.  我不相信她会在7点钟以前到达。

If not sooner.          即使不能更早.

I don't think you are right.      我不认为你是对的。

It doesn't seem that we can get our money back. 看来我们的钱是无法追回。


如 One swallow doesn't make a summer.  一燕不成夏.(谚语:一事难判断)


如 Don't bother to cook anying for me.  别麻烦为我做任何吃的。

=Please don't bother to cook anying for me. 请别麻烦为我做任何吃的。


Without dust there would be no clouds and rain.没有尘埃,就不会有云和雨.
>They refused her request not without good reason.他们不无道理地拒绝了她的请求。


Either you of Jane is to be sent to New Zealand.要么你,要么Jane将被派往新西兰。

The boss but not his secretary is flying to New York.


Either the boss or his secretary is flying to New York.

>Drop that gun! If not,you'll be sorry.把抢仍下!否则你会后悔的.

>Both houses are not white.两所房子不都是白色的。
>All horses are animals,but not all animals are horses.

1判断句 各种否定


It can't be Tuesday today.今天不可能是星期二.

(It must be Wednesday.一定是星期三.)

None of this money is mine.这一点钱也不是我的。

She's not from these parts. 他不是这一带的人。

No,not those.  不,不是那些。*no用于句首表示强烈否定

No,not in the least. 不,一点都不。*no用于句首表示强烈否定

It's only a dream,isn't? 它只是一个梦想,不是吗?

No arguing.    别争吵了。*no+名词*no用于句首表示强烈否定

No smoking.    禁止吸烟。*no+名词*no用于句首表示强烈否定

It was nothing.  没什么。

2描写句 各种否定


I'm not sure.我不确定。

It is impossible.它不可能的.*肯=否 

It is forbidden.它不允许的.*肯=否 

The engine refused to start.引擎发动不起来。*肯=否 

It can't be easy.它不可能是容易的. 

No road is long with me.与我同行路遥不觉远。*no用于句首表示强烈否定

My baby seldom cries unless he is hungry.

*主/将从/现 我的孩子很少哭闹,如果他饿.

Your answers are far from being accurate. 你的答案太不正确了. *肯=否

I won't be happy until I know she's safe.

我只有在知道她平安无事之后才会感到高兴.(++ )

No,less.=No,it was less.没那么多。*no用于句首表示强烈否定

It is no different.并非不同。

He is no older than you.他一点也不比你年长。*no+比较级=一点也不

Ain't you late?你没迟到吧?*有文化的人不说。

I ain't late.我没迟到。*有文化的人不说。

He ain't late.他没迟到。*有文化的人不说。

They ain't late.他们没迟到。*有文化的人不说。
问>Can I come in?我可以进来吗
答>I'm afraid not?很抱歉,不可以

3存在句 各种否定


There's no one at home.家里没有一个人。*no的语气较强

There's nobody at home.没有人在家里。



There aren't any left.没有存货了。

(There are some left.-->有存货。)

There's none left.一点也没有。

There is unlikely to be rain.不太可能有雨。*肯=否 

There is nothing in the world that cah frighten you.


There is no tomorrow.不要拖到明天。*no的语气较强

There is not much fun in that.那种事没多大意思。

There's no letter for you.(=There isn't a letter for you.)


There aren't any buses after midnight.午夜以后没有公共汽车。
There are no buses after midnight.午夜以后没有公共汽车。*no的语气较强

4占有句 各种否定


Nothing at all.什么也没有。*no用于句首表示强烈否定

I've got no milk.我没有奶牛。*no的语气较强

I've got none.我什么也没有。

I haven't got much money.我没有太多的钱了。

I have got very little.[肯定表否定]几乎一点儿也没有了。

I haven't got anything to do.=I've got nothing to do.I have nothing to do.


I have no idea where he was.我不清楚他在哪儿呢. *no的语气较强

You have no chance.你无任何机会。*no的语气较强

I've got no time.我没有时间.*no的语气较强

=I haven't got any time.我没有时间

We had neither money nor food.我们既没钱,也没有食物。

I didn't have an appointment.我没有预约。

I haven't got my bag.我没有手提包。

=I ain't got my bag.我没有手提包.*有文化的人不说。

She hasn't got her bag.她没有手提包。

=She ain't got her bag.她没有手提包。*有文化的人不说。

5动态句 各种否定


I don't think so.我不认为是那样。

I don't think he was.我不认为他是。

He didn't get up early this morning.今天早晨他没有早起。

Why didn't you make the bed?你为什么没整理床铺?

I did nothing.我没有做什么事。

I didn't do anything.我没有做任何事。

He can't be reading.他不可能在看书。

He may not be reading.他也许没在看书。

I won't go to work.我将不去上班。

She needn't decide immediately.她不需要立即作出决定。

They couldn't see that film.他们不能看那部影片。

He lives not too far away from school.他住的不是太远,离学校.


It hasn't been opened yet.它一直尚未被打开。

Hasn't anyone opened the window yet?


Doesn't it take a long time?不拿去很长时间吧?

Don't miss it.别错过它。

She doesn't want them to miss it.她不让他们错过它。

Tell them not to repair it.告诉他们不要去修理它了。

I had never written a letten in English before.你以前从未用英语写过一封信?[never=否]

You like swimming,don't you?你喜欢游泳不是吗?

You are taking no chances.你不会冒风险。

I must apologize for not being able to meet you.


You need not come,must you?你不必来,对不对?

He doesn't look as though he gets enough exercise.他好象缺乏锻炼似的。

As long as it doesn't rain we can play.只要天不下雨.我们就能出去玩.

No matter what he says,don't go.任凭他说什么,都不要去。


He insists on not seeing us until next week.他坚持要下周才见我们。*not+seeing

I don't entirely agree with you.我不完全同意你。

No two people think alike.没有2个人的想法是一样地

No one realizes how hard we work.无人知道我们工作是多么地努力.


I've seen no one/nobody.我没有看到一个人。*no的语气较强

I haven't seen any one/anybody.我没有看到一个人。

I've bought none of them.我什么也没买.

I haven't bought any of them.我什么也没买.

I've done nothing today.我今天什么也没做.

I haven't done anything today.我今天什么也没做.

I've been nowhere today.我今天哪儿也没去。

I haven't been anywhere today.我今天哪儿也没去。


*教学者访问答疑见论文页底陆续 1 2 3...

[陆续答疑] 英语10万个为什么? 建议入门者暂不阅读-----页底

1.I don't believe she'll arrive before 7.有同义句吗→为什么? 答:用 否定转移 法。

I believe she won't arrive before 7.   我相信她在7点钟以前不会到达。

再如 I don't suppose you can help us. 我不认为你能帮助我们。

=I suppose you can't help us.    我想你不能帮助我们。

2.能把否定链接成简短对话吗→为什么?  :能。其性质属于同义表述。

如 I didn't meet him.     我没有遇见他。

Neither did I.      我也是。

I didn't meet him,either.     我也没有。

3.I didn't have an appointment.有同义句吗>>为什么? 答:有。选择同类词性.如:

I hadn't got an appointment.    我没有预约。

=I hadn't an appointment.   我没有预约。

4.I haven't a pen.有同义句吗>>为什么? :有。选择同类词性.:

I hadn't a pen.     我没有笔。*陈旧而正式说法。

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