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This is a doll.这是洋娃娃。
81 I had a cup of tea.我喝了一杯茶。
81 A horse is useful.马是有用的。
81 He gets 300 dollars a day.他一天赚三百元。
81 The birds abandoned their nests and flew away.鸟儿放弃它们的巢而飞走了。
81 We abandoned the plan of going abroad.我放弃了出国的计划。
81 He often abandons friends in trouble.他经常弃朋友于不顾。
81 The Young Men's Christian Association is commonly abbreviated to YMCA.
81 In.is an abbreviation for inch. In.是inch(时)的缩写。
82 He was forced to abdicate his claim on the property.
82 He abdicated the throne(或crown)in favor of his son.
82 Do the best of your ability.你尽力而为。
82 He had great ability as a general.他有做将军的本领。
82 She has musical ability.她有音乐天分.
82 She is able to play the piano.她会弹钢琴。
82 I will not be able to go to the movies tomorrow.我明天不能去看电影。
82 Alice is an able student.爱丽丝是个很能干的学生。
82 She took her dog aboard.她把她的狗带上车(船、飞机等)。
82 All aboard!请上车!
82 I have never aboard a ship.我从未坐过船。
82 Look about you.看看四周。
82 He walked about the street.他在街上到处走动。
82 I will tell you about tigers.我要告诉你有关老虎的事情。
83 She has no money about her.她身边没有钱。
83 She likes to wald about.她喜欢到处走走。
83 It is about 200 dollars.这大约两百元。
83 The train is about to start.火车就要开了。
83 An airplane is flying above the mountains.飞机正在山的上空飞行。
83 Above all,be diligent.最重要的是要勤勉。
83 The man I mentioned above is my teacher.
83 I shall go abroad next year.我明年将出国。
83 Is Billy still abroad?比利仍在国外吗?
83 The cat came to an abrupt stop when it saw the dog.
83 We climbed down an abrupt descent.我们爬下陡峭的斜坡。
83 Tom finally returned to school after an absence of three weeks.
汤姆在缺课三个礼拜之后, 终于回学校了。
83 My absence of mind irritated him.我心不在焉惹恼了他。
84 My sister was absent from school yesterday.我妹妹昨天没去学校。
84 That is absolutely impossible!那绝对不可能!
84 The soil will absorb the rain.地壤会吸收雨水。
84 This novel absorbs Mary.这本小说令玛丽入迷。
84 I can't understand such an abostract concept.我无法理解如此抽象的观念。
84 John speaks English with an American accent.约翰说英语有美国口音。
84 The frist syllable should be accented.第一音节应重读。
85 He accepted a present from his friend.他接受朋友的礼物。
85 His proposal is quite accptable.他的建议是很可接受的。
85 The book he wrote met with a warm acceptance.他写的书深受欢迎。
85 Acceptance of a medal from the president is an honor.
85 A sightseeing bus accident happened yesterday morning.
85 I discovered it by accident.我无意中发现的。
85 The newspapers acclaimed the fireman a hero.
85 He accommodated a friend with a loan of money.他借钱给朋友。
85 This room can accmmodate two beds.这房间能容纳两张床。
86 The host will accommodate us tonight.今晚主人将留我们住下。
86 It is difficult to accmmodate differences between us.
86 The hotel has accommodations for one hundred people.
86 Please accompany me on my walk.请陪我散步。
86 The singer was accompanied at the piano by her pupil.
86 He has accomplished his purpose.他已达到目的了。
86 It is an accomplished fact.这是已成的事实。
86 He is an accomplished scholar.他是一位有成就的学者。
86 An accomplished lady has good manners.善社交的妇女有很好的风度。
87 It was a great accomplishment to finish this job in two days.
87 Among her accomplishments are sewing,cooking and dancing.
87 According to the newskpapers,there was much snow in Alisan last night.
87 Do it according to my orders.依照我的命令去做。
87 You may go or stay according as you decide.去留随你便。
87 Mr.Wu plays accordion very well.吴先生很会拉手风琴。
87 Please give me the account of you trip.请告诉我你旅行的情形。
87 Do not lie on any account.无论如何不可说谎。
87 Mary opened an account in the bank.玛丽在银行开了户头。
88 Nancy didn't go to school on account of illness.
88 I can not account for his failure.我不能解释他为何失败。
88 I account myself well paid.我认为我的报酬尚佳。
88 Each person is accountable for his own work.
88 He accumulated great wealth by hard work.
88 His debts accumulated.他债台高筑。
88 Accuracy is most important in trnslation.正确性在翻译中是最重要的。
88 Your answer is far from being accurate.你的答案太不正确了。
88 You must be accurate in counting money.你数钱一定要数准确。
89 He made a false accusation against his neighbor.他诬告他的邻居。
89 Henry is accustomed to hard work.亨利习惯于艰苦工作。
89 Her whole body aches.她觉得全身疼痛。
89 He ached for her friendship.他渴望和她做朋友。
89 You cannot achieve much without working hard.
89 He finally achieved auccess.他终于成功了。
89 Flying across the Atlantic for the first time was a great achievement.
90 Vinegar is acid.醋是酸的。
90 Tom would not acknowledge his mistake.汤姆不愿认错。
90 Mary acknowledged our invitation.玛丽对我们的邀请表示感谢。
90 Let me acquaint you with the facts. 让我把真相告诉你。
90 I am not acquainted with her.我不认识她。
90 John is an acquaintance of mine.约翰是我认识的人。
90 I have no acquaintance with this book.这本书我不熟。
90 Mr. Lin is a valuable acquisition to our office.
90 She is always boasting of her daughter's acquisitions.
90 He studies hard in order to acquire a scholarship.
91 My uncle has five acres of land.我叔叔有五英亩地。
91 The garden covers about an acre.这花园占地约一英亩。
91 He ran across the street .他越过街道。
91 A bridge was laid across the river.一座桥横跨在河上。
91 My house is just across the street.我家就在对街上。
91 We came across our friends.我们遇到了朋友。
91 We went across the bridge.我们走过桥。
91 That is an act of kindness.那是一种友善的行为。
91 He acted kindly towads people.他对人很亲切。
91 John acted as my guide when I was in New York.
91 He acted[the part of] Romeo.他在《罗密欧与朱丽叶》中演罗密欧。
91 The time has come for action.行动的时候到了。
91 The soldiers are in action.士兵们正在站斗。
92 He has brought an action against his partner.他控告他的合伙人。
92 A cat is an active animal.猫是一种行动敏捷的动物。
92 Social activities are very important in the modern society.
社交活动在现代社会中是十 分重要的。
92 I cannot give the actual figures.我不能举出实际的数字。
92 We actually thought that he was a thief.我们真地以为他是小偷。
92 Dogs have acute sense of hearing.狗有敏锐的听觉。
92 An acute pain almost killed me.突如其来的剧痛差点要了我的命。
92 Can you adapt yourself to a new job?你能适应新的工作吗?
92 The story was adapted for the movies.这故事改编成电影了。
93 If you add 3 to 7,you get 10.如果你用三加七就得十。
93 The wonderful song added to our pleasure.
93 There is no room for additions.没有增加的余地了。
93 He is very clever at addition.他擅长加法。
93 He studied Japanese in addition to English.除了英文他还学习日语。
93 It is an additional information of that paper.这是那篇论文的补充报告。
93 She wrote the address on an envelope.她在信封上写下地址。
93 Mr.Lee gave the opening(the closing)address.
93 Jane gave an address over the radio.珍妮曾在电台演说。
93 This letter is addressed to her .这封信是写给她的。
93 I came to address them.我来对他们演说。
93 It had rained all day and the mud adhered to our shoes.
94 Most people adhere to the church of their parents.
94 These desks can be adjusted to the height of any child.
94 He soon adjusted to army life.他很快就适应了军中生活。
94 I admired the girl for her courage.我钦佩这女孩子的勇气。
94 No outsiders are admitted to this building.外人不许进入此楼。
94 The dance hall admits 1.000 people.这间 跳舞厅容得下一千个人。
94 This key admits to the garden.这把钥匙可通入花园。
94 No admittance except on business.非公事不准入内(闲人免进)。
95 They were refused admittance for want of room.
95 Your idea is very good ,so I adopted it.你的意见很好,所以我采用了。
95 They adopted a neighbor's child.他们收养一个邻居的小孩。
95 We simply adore him.我们非常敬爱他。
95 Nancy adores her piano teacher.南茜很仰慕他的钢琴老师。
95 Our parents are adults.我们的父母是成人。
95 The general ordered the army to advance.将军命令军队前进。
95 They will advance the theater prices next week.
95 He wants to draw his salary in advance.他要预支薪水。
95 This book has many advantages over the others.
95 We should take advantage of the opportunity.我们应该利用机会。
96 Boys are usually fond of adventure.男孩子常喜欢冒险。
96 No man would adventure it.没人敢冒险做这件事。
96 Mr.Lin advertised goods for sale.林先生为了出售货物而登广告。
96 Advertisement helps to sell goods.广告有助于销售货物。
96 I asked for her advice.我请她给我忠告。
96 I want to give him some advice.我要给他一些忠告。
96 I advised her not to come.我劝她不要来。
97 He is our adviser.他是我们的顾问。
97 In such a small village,this is a big affair.
97 He had affairs to look after in the office.他办公室有事要处理。
97 Climate affects our bokies and living habits.
97 He was affected to tears by her confession.她的忏悔,使他感动得流泪。
97 She affected great zeal to do this.她假装热心地做这件事。
97 He doesn't show much affection for animals.他不太喜欢动物。
98 She is very affectionate to him.她十分爱他。
98 His answer was affirmative.他的答复是肯定的。
98 Two negatives make an affirmative.两个否定就是肯定(负负得正)。
98 We can't afford such a big house.我们住不起这么大的房子。
98 Reading affords pleasure.读书使人快乐。
98 Tom was much afraid to go alone.汤姆很怕一个人去。
98 I am afraid I am late.我怕我是迟到了。
98 The mouse is afraid of the cat.老鼠怕猫。
Lions live in Africa.狮子生长在非洲。
99 It happened five months after.这是在五个月以后发生的。
99 He arrived there after dark.他在天黑后到达。
99 John ran after the dog.约翰追着狗。
99 She was named after her mother.她以她母亲的名子为名。
99 After all he succeeded.他终于成功了。
99 All her plans have succeeded one after another.
99 We stood up one after the other.我们一个个站了起来。
99 I left after she arrived.我在她到达后就离开了。
99 Our school ends in the afternoon.我们的学校在下午放学。
99 He weote me a letter afterwards.后来他写了一封信给我。
100 My brother has returned home again.我哥哥又回家了。
100 She got well again.她又恢复了健康。
100 He read it again and again.他再三阅读。
100 Once again ,please.请再来一次。
100 The car ran against a house.汽车撞到一栋房子。
100 The steamer was sailing against the wind.轮船逆风而行。
100 Are you against my plan?你反对我的计划吗?
100 My house looked pretty against the evening sky.
100 He died at the age of seventy.他七十岁的时候死了。
100 He has reached the ripe age of ninety.他已九十高寿了。
100 He is [of] the same age as she.他和她同年。
100 What is her age?(或How old is she?)她多大了?
100 She looks old for her age.她看起来比她的年纪老。
100 It is right in all ages.从古到今这都是对的。
100 This will last for ages.这将要持续很长的时间。
100 He is fifteen years of age.他十五岁了。
100 He found a job through an employment agency.
101 They are our sole agent.他们是我们的独家代理商。
101 It is an aggression upon my right.这侵犯了我的权益。
101 He went to Keelung three days ago.他三天前去了基隆。
101 He came to China fifty years ago.他五十年前来过中国。
101 He was very strong until some years ago.数年前他还是十分强健的。
101 He went over to Japan long ago.他很久以前去过日本。
101 They all agreed about the matter.他们都同意这件事。
101 I quite agree with him.我十分同意他。
101 He has agreed to do this work .他答应这件工作。
101 We did it by agreement.我们同意做这件事。
101 The agreement between them has been signed.他们双方已签定了协约。
101 Agriculture is important in our country.农业在我们的国家非常重要。
102 Aha,I have found them at last.啊哈!我终于找到他们了。
102 The train arrived ahead of time.火车提前到达。
102 The policeman told us to drive straight ahead.警察叫我们往前直开。
102 Thank you for aiding me with the work.谢谢你帮我的忙。
102 Without your aid,I could not have succeeded.
102 We had better learn first aid.我们最好学学急救的方法。
102 Tom aimed his gun at the bird.汤姆举枪瞄准鸟。
102 What is he aiming at?他的目的是什么呢?
102 Everyone should aim to succeed.每个人都应该立志成功。
102 He took aim at the lion,but missed.他瞄准狮子,但没有打中。
102 How fresh the air is!多么新鲜的空气啊!
103 Birds are flying high up in the air.鸟儿在高空中飞翔。
103 I have traveled round the world by air.我曾经乘飞机环游世界。
103 He went to Taitung for a change of air.他迁去台东疗养。
103 We do exercises in the open air.我们做户外运动。
103 The news will be on the air tonight.今晚会广播这一则新闻。
103 That theater is air-conditioned in summer.那家电影院夏天有冷气设备。
103 He lives near the airfield.他住在飞机场附近。
103 Beijing to Guangzhou is a daily airline of CAAC.
103 We took a Beijing to Hangzhou airliner this morning.
103 It costs two dollars to send an airmail letter to the United States of America.
104 The airplane is flying in the sky.飞机正在空中飞行。
104 He went to Japan by airplane.他搭飞机去日本。
104 A plane has landed at the airport.一架飞机已降落在飞机场上。
104 The teacher picked up a piece of paper in the aisle.
104 They were struck with alarm.他们饱受惊慌。
104 The spread of cholera alarmed us.霍乱流行使我们恐慌。
104 Alas!He was killed by the enemy.啊呀!他被敌人打死了。
104 It is not difficult to master algebra.要精通代数并不困难。
105 Susan learns the elementary algebra at her junior high school.
105 The plane alighted on the ground.飞机降落在地面上。
105 The lamps are alight.灯是亮着的。
105 He treats all students alike.他对所有学生都一视同仁。
105 The two brothers look very much alike.两兄弟长得很像。
105 Is the fish alive?这条鱼是活的吗?
105 He kept the fire alive.他让火焰保持旺盛。
105 He looked alive this morning.他今天早上看起来精神抖擞。
105 The lake is alive with boats.湖面上满是船只。
105 All the boys were here.所有的男孩都在这里。
105 The child sang all day[long].这小孩唱了一整天歌。
105 All of them want to go.他们都要去。
105 Above all,be honest. 最重要的是要诚实。
105 He did not come after all.他最后还是没来。
105 If you do the work at all,do it well.如果你要做这件工作,就要好好做。
105 I did it first of all.我最先做的。
105 I have five oranges in all.我共有五个橘子。
106 He is not tired at all.他毫不感到疲倦。
106 Are you all right?他没事吧?
106 All right,I'll be there.好吧,我会去的。
106 He has traveled all over the world.他已经游遍全世界了。
106 We live in the same alley.我们住在同一条巷子里。
106 He allowed her to go.他允许她走。
106 Drinking is not allowed here.这里不可以喝酒。
106 My uncle allowa me one thousand dollars a month.
106 This is an alloy of gold and silver.这是金和银的合金。
106 Almost all of them are poor.他们几乎都很穷。
106 He alone came.只有他一个人来。
106 He came alone.他单独前来。
107 We take a walk along the river .我们沿着河边散步。
107 A boy came along.一个男孩向前走来。
107 I will go along with her.我要和她一起去。
107 How is he getting along?他近况如何?
107 The pupil was reading the book aloud.这学生正在大声念书。
107 They have already played three games.他们已经玩了三种游戏。
107 Has he come yet?他已经来了吗?
107 He has not come yet.他还没来呢。
107 This dictionary also is mine.(=This dictionary is mine, too.)
107 He is not only a good pupil,but also a good son.
107 Although[he is ]very rich,he is diligent.他虽然很富有,却很勤劳。
108 He is altogether wicked.他完全是个坏人。
108 Altogether,I am glad it is over.总之,我很高兴事情已经过去。
108 Aluminum is a white metal.铝是一种白色金属。
108 Her unsle always stays here in summer.她叔叔夏天常住在这里。
108 He is always late.他老是迟到。
108 The Americans are not always rich.美国人未必全是富有的。
108 I am a student.我是个学生。
108 I am a boy.我是个男孩子。
108 I am in the garden.我在花园里。
108 I am reading English.我正在读英文。
108 I am loved by my father.我父亲很爱我。
108 the 5:13 a.m.train.上午五点十三分的火车。
109 Mary's atrange behavior amazes me.玛丽奇怪的行为令我吃惊。
109 We were all amazed at her scream.她的尖叫声使我们全都吃了一惊。
109 Mr,wu will be the ambassador to America.吴先生将成为驻美大使。
109 Her ambition is to become a great musician.她想成为一个大音乐家。
109 The United States of America is a strong country.
109 There are fifty -one states in the United States of America.
109 We bought an American made ship last year.
109 Tom is an American.汤姆是美国人。
109 They are Chinese Americans.他们是华裔美国人。
109 Mary is the most beautiful girl among them.
110 A bird is singing among the trees.鸟儿在树林中歌唱。
110 The money amounts to almost two million dollars.
110 It does not amount to much.总额并不多。
110 He has only a small amount of money.他只有一小笔钱。
110 The children are amused by the mew games.
110 His favorite amusement is collecting stamps.他的嗜好是集邮。
110 I found an amusing book.我找到一本有趣的书。
110 That is an egg.那是一个蛋。
110 He is an honest boy.他是个诚实的男孩。
111 One of my ancestors was a great poet.我的祖先中有一位是伟大的诗人。
111 He lives on an ancestral possessions.他靠祖先遗下的财产为生。
111 They are citizens of Chinese ancestry.他们是中国血统的公民。
111 He is born of good ancestry.他出生于名门。
111 He was wearing a very ancientlooking hat.他戴着一顶很老式的帽子。
111 Three and three make six.三加三是六。
111 She bought books,pencils and a knife.她买了些书、铅笔和一把刀子。
111 She bowed and went away.她鞠过躬就走开了。
111 Hurry up,and you will catch the bus.快点,这样你才能赶上公共汽车。
111 Go and see her.去看他。
111 She is sick,and so she cannot come.她病了,所以不能来。
111 She gave me an apple,five oranges,three pears and so on.
112 My sister is like an angel. 我妹妹像天使。
112 He angled with an artificial fly.他用人造蝇为铒钓鱼。
112 It is a figure with six angles.这是六角形图。
112 You have to consider all angles of the question.你必须考虑到问题的各方面。
112 She is angry about it.她对这件事很生气。
112 He is angry with me.他生我的气。
112 Don't get angry please.请别生气。
112 There are many animals in the Beijing Zoo.北京动物园里有很多动物。
113 December nineteenth is their wedding annrversary.
113 The celebration of Spring Festival is an anniversary affair.
113 The newspapers will announce the date of the concert.
113 The announcement of their marriage appeared in the newspapers.
113 She is a radio announcer.她是一位电台播音员。
113 I was annoyed at the neighbor's radio.邻居的收音机吵得令我生气。
113 Please have another cup of tea.请再喝一杯茶。
113 Show me another coat.让我看看另一件大衣。
113 Give her another.另外给她一个。
113 The boys jumped into the water one after another.
114 They help one another.他们彼此帮助。
114 Mary answered my questions.玛丽回答了我的问题。
114 He gave me no answer.他没给我答复。
114 They started on an Antarctic expedition.他们出发往南极探险。
114 The coach's anxiety was due to the face that one of his players had been injured.
114 His anxiety for knowledge was strong.他的求知欲很强。
114 I feel anxious about my brother .我为我弟弟担心。
115 He is anxious for a car.他渴望有一部汽车。
115 He is anxious to get it.他渴望得到它。
115 I was anxiously waiting for his phone call.我忧心忡忡地等着他的电话。
115 Do you know any English song?你知道几首英文歌曲吗?
115 If any person calls,what should you say?
115 I did not find any friends here.我在这里没有找到朋友。
115 Any boy can do it.任何一个男孩都能做这件事。
115 If I am any better,I shall go to see you.
115 She could not go any farther.她无法再走得更远。
115 I do not dance any longer.我再也不跳舞了。
115 I did not tell anybody.我没有告诉任何人。
115 If anybody goes there.please ask him to wait.
115 Does anybody know her?有谁认识她?
115 Anybody can do it.不论是谁都能做。
115 Is there anyone asking for him?有什么人找他吗?
116 If anything happens,please call Mary.若有事情发生,请叫玛丽。
116 Can I do anything for you,sir?《对客人言》先生,我能为你效劳吗?
116 I am coming anyway,no matter what you say.
116 Did you go anywhere last night?昨晚你出去了吗?
116 He can take it apart and put it together again.
116 Apart ftom the papers ,we have many experiments to make.
116 Jack apologized for his rudeness.杰克为他的失礼道歉。
116 Lily made an apology for coming too late.莉莉因她来得太晚而道歉。
117 They appeared before us.他们出现在我们面前。
117 He appears[to be]old for his age.他看起来比他的年纪老。
117 He is a man of noble appearance.他是一位仪表高尚的人。
117 This is his first appearance on the stage.这是他首次登台表演。
117 Susan has a good appetite.苏珊的胃口很好。
117 John has an appetite for arts.约翰爱好艺术。
117 She eats an apple every day.她每天吃一个苹果。
117 These apples are red.这些苹果是红的。
117 These regulations are not applicable to his case.
117 He is the applicant for a position at your factory.
118 The application of common sense can solve many problems.
118 This medicine is for external application.这药用是外敷用的。
118 Please give me a form of application.请给我一份申请书。
118 He gave much application to study.他很专心地学习。
118 He applied paint to his house.他油漆房子。
118 You can apply those rules to this case.
118 He applied for help.他请求帮助。
118 When does this rule apply?这规则于何时适用?
118 Mr. Lee was appointed the dean of college.
118 The time he appointed for the English examination was two o'clock.
118 Our house is not well appointed.我们的房子设备不佳。
118 The appointment of Mr.Lin as principal pleased everyone.
118 I have an appointment with my teacher this afternoon.
118 The appointments in this hotel are very good.这间旅馆的设备很好。
119 She approachas her child quietly.她悄悄地走近她的孩子。
119 I want Mr.Wang's help.When will be the best to approach him?
119 Man should approach a problem from didderent angles.
119 The storm approaches.暴风雨快来了。
119 The enemy ran away at our approach.敌人在我们行近时逃走了。
119 To study the spoken language is the best approach of learning a foreign language.
119 All the approaches to the city were guarded by soldiers.
119 He nodded in approval.他点头表示赞成。
119 The principal gave his approval to the plan.校长批准了这项计划。
119 I send you goods on approval.我送上这些货物请你察看。
119 I quite qpprove your choice.我十分赞成你的选择。
120 Father approved our plan for the summer.父亲同意了我们的暑假计划。
120 Her father does not approve of her plan.她父亲不赞成她的计划。
120 The maidservant wears apron when she works.女佣工作时穿围裙。
120 Iron is apt to rust.铁容易生锈。
120 Mary is an apt pupil.玛丽是个聪明的学生。
120 There are many examples of modern architecture in Beijing.
121 We are happy.我们很快乐。
121 Many books are on the desk.桌上有许多书。
121 The boys are running.男孩们正在跑步。
121 They are called Chinese Americans.他们被称为华裔美国人。
121 Very few people live in the desert area.沙漠地区很少人居住。
121 They have argued for a long time against the plan.
121 They are arguing a very difficult problem.
121 He wanted to go to India but we argued him out of it.
121 His clothes argue wealth.他的衣服显示了他的财富。
121 They had an argument about the case.他们为这件案子辩论。
121 Accident arises from carelessness.意外事故源于疏忽。
121 Many new facts have arisen.很多新的事情发生了。
121 My sister is poor at arithmetic.我妹妹的算术不太好。
122 Arm yourself and be ready to fight.武装起来准备战斗。
122 The soldiers armed for battle.士兵们拿起武器去作战。
122 He walkded away with a dictionary under his arm.
122 Mary had a baby in her arms.玛丽手中抱着一个婴孩。
122 We are walding arm in arm.我们挽着臂走。
122 He is sitting on the armchair.他正坐在扶手椅上。
122 The soldiers have plenty of arms and ammunition.
122 a nation in arms.准备作战的国家。
122 Henry received a call to arms.亨利被征召入伍。
122 My friend is in the army.我朋友在陆军服役。
122 John entered the army.约翰从军(陆军)去了。
122 He looked around.他看看四周。
123 We found nobody around.我们发现四周没人。
123 There were buildings all around.到处都有建筑物。
123 They sat around the fire.他们围坐在火边。
123 Tom walked around the pond.汤姆绕着池子走。
123 The cat ran around the cherry tree.猫绕着樱树跑。
123 The stranger disappeared around the corner.陌生人在转角附近消失了。
123 Jane can arrange flowers very well.珍妮插花插得很好。
123 She is arranging books in her study.她在书房整理她的书。
123 I arranged the meeting.我筹备这个会议。
123 I will arrange to go and see him.我准备去看他。
123 I don't like the arrangement of the furniture in this room.
123 The arrangement of words in a dictionary is by alphabetical order.
123 The parties have made an arrangement of their dispute.
123 I have made arrangements for the party.舞会我已经安排好了。
124 Policemen have the power to arrest people who do not obey the laws.
124 The policeman put Henry under arrest.警察把亨利关了起来。
124 Your arrival was welcomed by us.我们很欢迎你来。
124 She will arrive in Rome tomorrow morning.她明天早上将到达罗马。
124 Tom arrived at a village.(=Tom reached(或got to )a village.)
124 The bus will arrive here at 6:30.公共汽车将在六点三十分到达。
124 The time has arrived for you to leave.他离开的时间已经到了。
124 Tom shot an arrow into the air.汤姆向空中射了一箭。
124 He shot an arrow at the deer.他一箭射死了鹿。
124 Follow the arrows!跟着箭头记号走!
124 That is an art gallery.那是一家画廊。
125 Jane knows the art of making clothes.珍妮知道做衣服的技巧。
125 It is good article on gardening.这是一篇讨论园艺的好论文。
125 This document includes many articles.这条约包括许多条款。
125 I bought all these articles from the same shop.
125 I'd like to be an artist after my araduation.我毕业以后想做个画家。
125 I do as I like.我照我喜欢的去做。
125 As I was going home.it began to rain.当我回家时,就开始下雨了。
125 As he is rich,he looks happy.因为他有钱,所以他看起来很快乐。
125 I like her as a friend.我喜欢她当我的朋友。
125 Such a man as John will surely succeed.像约翰这样的人一定会成功的。
125 He is as tall as my father.他和我父亲一样高。
125 You must do it as quickly as you can.你必须尽量做快些。
126 As for as I know,he is diligent.就我所知,他很勤勉。
126 I went as far as Urumqi.我最远去过乌鲁木齐。
126 As for me.I have him.至于我呢,我恨他。
126 She talks as if she know everything.她讲话好像她什么都知道。
126 It began to rain as soon as I left school.我一离开学校,就开始下雨了。
126 She got up early in the morning as usual.她像平常一样的早起。
126 He teaches French as well as Chinese.他教法文及中文。
126 The ascent of the mountain was not difficulf.攀登这座山并不难。
126 The house was burnt to ashes.这栋房子被烧成了灰烬。
126 I am ashamed of what I did.我对我做的事情感到惭愧。
126 Korea is in East Asia.韩国位于东亚。
126 We Chinese are Asians.我们中国人是亚洲人。
126 That book is hard to lay aside once opened.
127 Billy put the table aside.比利将桌子放到了旁边。
127 May I ask you a question?我能请教你一个问题吗?
127 Ask him to go away.请他走开。
127 He asked for a loan.他要借钱。
127 I asked after Mr.Lee.我问候李先生。
127 Mr.Brown is asleep.布朗先生睡着了。
127 Tom fell asleep in his seat.汤姆在他的椅子上睡着了。
127 The cat lies asleep.这只猫躺着睡着了。
127 Father took an aspirin tablet.for he had a headache.
127 All the puplis were assembled in the hall.所有的学生都在礼堂集合。
127 John was assigned to clean the classroom.约翰被指派打扫教室。
128 What is today's assignment in English?今天英文课的作业是什么?
128 Can I assist you in any way?我能帮你什么吗?
128 They were coming to the assistance of their friends.他们来帮助朋友。
128 We have two assistants in our labortory.我们实验室里有两个助手。
128 Let us assume it to be true.请我们假定这是真的。
128 That man assumes honesty.那个人假装老实。
128 He speaks in an assumed voice.他用假声说话。
128 We are astonished at his improvement.他进步之快,令我们惊讶。
128 The barbarian customs of the villagers astonished us.
129 John majored in astronomy while he was in college.
129 She is at school.她在学校里。
129 I met her at the corner of the street.我在拐角碰到她。
129 She arrived at the station.她到达车站。
129 School begins at eight [o'clock].学校在八点开始上课。
129 He entered high school at the age of sixteen.他十六岁时进中学 。
129 Don't throw stones at the dog.不要向狗丢石头。
129 We were surprised at the news.我们对这消息感到很惊讶。
129 The pupils are now at school.学生现在都在学校里。
129 I bought it at700 dollars.我花七百元买的。
129 Billy ran away at full speed.比利以最快的速度跑掉了。
129 The rose blossoms are at their best.玫瑰花正盛开着。
129 I ate a piece of meat.我吃了一块肉。
129 John is an excellent athlete.约翰是一个出色的运动员。
129 The athletic meet[ing] of our school was held last week.
130 Does she like athletic sports?她喜欢体育活动吗?
130 John is good in all athletics.约翰对各种运动都很擅长。
130 The Atlantic[Ocean]lies between Europe and America.
130 The vase was broken to atoms.花瓶被打得粉碎。
130 The cat attacked the mouse.猫攻击老鼠。
130 She was attacked by illness.她生病了。
130 The attack of the enemy frightened them.敌人的攻击吓坏了他们。
130 He attempted to escape from the enemy.他企图逃离敌人的控制。
130 The doctor made an attempt to save the patient's life.
131 They must attend school.他们必须上学。
131 Tom is attended by a good doctor.汤姆由一位好医生照顾着。
131 Attend to the baby.注意这婴儿。
131 They were in attendance on the king.他们是侍候国王的。
131 There was a large attendance at church this morning.
131 You have to pay much attention when you cross the road.
131 Please pay attention to the ladies.请款待女士们。
131 Attention!立正![军队中立正的口令]
131 Shs is a very attractive girl.她是一个非常动人的女子。
131 The audience at the theater was small.戏院里的观众很少。
131 His speech attracted a large audience.他的演讲吸引了许多听众。
131 We have hot days in August.八月的天气很热。
132 That young lady is his aunt.那位年轻的女士是他的姨妈。
132 There are a great many sheep in Australia.澳洲有很多绵羊。
132 He is the author of this book.他是这本书的作者。
132 Chinese teachers have more authority over their students.
132 Mr.Lee is an authority on astronomy.李先生是天文学的权威。
132 We reported to the authorities that our car had been stolen.
132 This watch is automatic.这个表是自动的。
132 Winter comes after autumn.秋去冬来。
133 There were five men available for this work.有五个人可以做这项工作。
133 I have no money available to buy the books.我手边没钱买书。
133 The ticket is available for a month.这张票一个月有效。
133 Beijing has broad avenues lined with trees and modern buildings.
133 The best avenue to success is hard work.
133 His record is above the average in the class.他的成绩在班上是中上。
133 The rainfall averages 36 inches a year.
133 to avoid danger 避免危险
133 I cannot avoid seeing him.我无法避而不见他。
133 I awoke at nine.我在九点钟醒来。
133 I will awake her. 我会叫醒她。
133 At last he awoke to his danger.最后他警觉到危险。
133 Her baby was already awake.她的婴孩已经醒了。
134 He was awarded a gold medal in the swimming contest.
134 We won the first award of the game.这场比赛我们得了一等奖。
134 We see a bird far away.我们看到远方有一只鸟。
134 He lives ten miles away from this town.
134 He ran away from that place.他从那个地方跑掉了。
134 Take it away.拿走。
134 Miss Lee is away from home.李小姐不在家。
134 I will do it right away.我马上就做。
134 I remember that awful sight.我记得那可怕的景象。
134 The storm is awful.暴风雨真可怕。
134 Don't make such an awful matter.不要做这样可怕的事情。
134 Billy is awfully rich.比利十分有钱。
134 It's awfully cold today.今天冷极了。
134 My brother used an ax to cut down the trees.我弟弟用斧头砍树。
135 A baby is crying.婴儿在哭。
135 We can see John's back.我们能看到约翰的背后。
135 There is a tree at the back of the classroom.教室后面有一棵树。
135 I will come back soon.我马上回来。
135 I am in the back garden.我在后花园里。
135 He painted a picture with a yellow background.
135 The candidate has a good family background.
135 It's dangerous to walk backward in the street.
135 He had bacon and eggs for breakfast.他早餐吃了咸肉和鸡蛋。
135 He is a bad student.他是个坏学生。
135 He has a bad cold.他患重感冒。
135 It is bad today.今天天气不好。
136 Drinking is bad for the health.喝酒对健康有害。
136 He is bad at dancing.他不擅于跳舞。
136 This banana has gone bad.这个香蕉坏了。
136 This was badly done.这做得不好。
136 He needs money badly.他极需钱。
136 He is quite badly off recently.他最近很穷。
136 I have two books in my bag.我的书包里有两本书。
136 He took the baggage to the hotel.他提了行李去旅馆。
136 He is baking bread and cakes.他在烤面包和蛋糕。
136 Mr.Zhang is a baker.张先生是个面包师傅。
137 Please get me a loaf of bread from the nearest baker.
137 The clown carried an umbrella to balance himself.
137 You have to keep your balance when you ride a bicycle.
137 Billy threw the ball high up.比利把球往上抛去。
137 They made an ascent in a balloon.他们乘氢气球升空。
137 I cast one ballot for Mr. Wu.我投吴先生一票。
137 He also cast one ballot fot Mr.Wu.他也投吴先生一票。
137 Bamboos are widely used in China.在中国使用竹子非常普遍。
137 I like to eat bamboo shoots very much.我很喜欢吃竹笋。
138 Father gave me bananas.父亲给我香蕉。
138 The camels were divided into two bands.骆驼被分成两队。
138 the band was playing our national anthem.乐队正在奏国歌。
138 We band together to resist our enemy.我们联合起来抵抗我们的敌人。
138 Maty bands her hat with a silk ribbon.玛丽用丝带系住帽子。
138 The doctor puts a bandage over my left eye.医生用绷带绑住我的左眼。
138 His arm was bandaged.他的手臂绑了绷带。
138 This building is a bank.这栋建筑物是一家银行。
138 The banks were covered with trees and flowers.堤岸上长满了树和花。
138 Lack of education is a bar to success.受教育不足是成功的障碍。
138 The ship crossed the bar safely.船安全通过浅滩。
139 He is called to the bar.他取得了律师资格。
139 Jane is a waitress at the bar.珍妮是这间酒巴的女待者。
139 Be sute to bar all the doors before you go to bed.
139 The barbarian tribes in Africa all hated the white people.
139 There are still a few parts of Africa where people are living in barbarism.
139 These people came from barbarous countries.这些人来自野蛮国家。
139 His uncle is a barber.他的叔叔是理发师。
139 I went to the barber's.我去理发厅。
139 In rainy days the boys used to go bare feet.
140 He lived in a bare little house.他住在一间陈设简单的小房子里。
140 The garden is bare of grass and vegetables.花园里没有草,也没有蔬菜。
140 He earns a bare living by his work.他工作仅能维持生活。
140 They bared him of his clothes.他们脱光他的衣服。
140 He barely escaped death.他差一点就难逃一死。
140 He puts the question barely.他公开提出问题。
140 I made a good bargain with him.我和他订了一个合算的合同。
140 I bought this picture at a bargain.我用便宜的价钱买了这幅画。
140 He gave me thirty dollars into the bargain.他另外给我三十元。
140 He bargained with the salesman for the typewriter.
140 He bargained for better progress in his studies.我希望他学习更有进步。
141 The dog barked at the thief.狗向小偷吠叫。
141 The dog gave a bark.狗在吠叫。
141 I put the cows in the barn.我把母牛牵入牛厩。
141 The barometer is rising today.今天气压计上升。
141 I received a barrel of beer from my German friend.
141 A dam is a barrier holding water back.水坝是防堵水的障碍物。
141 Bashi Channel is a natural barrier between Taiwan and the Philippines.
142 He built a house at the base of the mountain.
142 He is on the first base.他在一垒上。
142 We played baseball at school.我们在学校玩棒球。
142 It is tather camp in the basement.地下室里很潮湿。
142 His belief has no scientific basis.他的信仰毫无科学根据。
142 There are many apples in the basket.篮子里有很多苹果。
142 They played basketball in the morning.他们在早上玩篮球。
142 He has a bat in his right hand.他右手有一个球棒。
142 Bats fly at night.蝙蝠在晚上飞。
143 I take(或have) a bath every day.我每天洗一次澡。
143 Children like to bathe in the river.孩子们喜欢在河水中洗澡。
143 There is a bathroom on the third floor.三楼有一间浴室。
143 Jack is a brave batsman.杰克是位勇敢的击球手。
143 They were killed in a terrible battle.他们在一场激战中阵亡。
143 The ship anchored inside the bay.船在海湾内停锚。
144 It will be rainy tomorrow.明天会下雨。
144 He is working now.他现在正在工作。
144 We are taught French by him.我们被他教法文(他教我们法文)
144 I am to see him next week.我下周会去看他。
144 Do you see a beam of light coming through the thick fog?
144 They used a 40-foot beam for this building.
144 The beam of balance tipped to right side.天平横杆倾向右方。
144 His face beamed with delight.他面有喜色。
144 The sun beams brightly.阳光普照。
144 We saw a bear at the zoo.我们在动物园里看到一只熊。
145 The polar bears are white and large.北极熊是白的,而且体型庞大。
145 I can not bear her.我受不了她。
145 A heavy stone was borne by us.我们抬走了一块重石头。
145 I was born in Beijing.我在北京出生。
145 My grandfather has a long beard.我祖父有长胡子。
145 The beard of oats are long.燕麦芒很长。
145 Tiger is a wild beast.老虎是野兽。
145 Tom is beating a drum.汤姆正在打鼓。
145 We could not beat them at baseball.我们打棒球打不过他们。
145 Susan is a beautiful girl.苏珊是个美丽的女孩子。
146 Flowers beautify a garden.花朵美化了花园。
146 Susan combines wit with beauty.苏珊才智与美貌兼备。
146 We saw a galaxy of beauties at the concert.
146 We are much impressed with the beauty of the music.
146 I stayed at home,because it rained hard.因为雨下得很大,我留在家里。
146 He can not walk because of his age.由于年纪太大,他不能走路。
146 They cannot start,because the storm has come
146 It is morning,for the sun is rising.是早上了,因为太阳升起了。
146 She became a doctor.她成为一个医生。
146 Billy became rich.比利成为有钱人。
147 The dress becomes her very well.这件衣服很适合她。
147 I go to bed at eleven.我十一点钟上床睡觉。
147 She is ill in bed.她卧病在床。
147 Many people don't eat beef.很多人不吃牛肉。
147 It has been raining since Sunday.从星期日起一直在下雨。
147 I have been to Hong Kong.我去过香港。
147 Have you ever been to New York?你曾经去过纽约吗?
147 I have never been to New York.我从未去过纽约。
147 He has often been in Paris.他常住在巴黎。
147 Drink beer with the froth.喝啤酒要连泡沫一起喝。
147 Beet is a sweet plant.甜菜是甜的植物。
148 I walked before you. 我走在你前面。
148 Come home before noon.中午前回家。
148 John arrived before noon.约翰在中午以前到达。
148 Jane will come before long.珍妮不久就会来。
148 I went to the park the day before yesterday with my brother.
148 I have never seen a tiger before.我以前从未见过老虎。
148 I must study before I go to bed. 我在睡觉前 必须学习。
148 He was informed beforehand.他事先已获通知。
148 The cat begged for food.猫乞求食物。
148 He never gives anything to a beggar.他从不施舍给乞丐。
149 Mr.Brown began crying(或to cry).布朗先生开始大叫。
149 It begins to rain.开始下雨了。
149 School begins on Tuesday.星期二开学。
149 He is a beginner in German.他刚开始学德文。
149 We had much rain at the beginning of last month.上个月初下了很多雨。
149 I like it from beginning to end.我从头到尾都喜欢。
149 I have called on behalf of my friend.我代表我的朋友来拜访。
149 She behaves as if she were a child.她的举动像个孩子。
149 Behave yourself.放规矩一点。
149 His good behavior deserves praise.他的好品行值得赞扬。
149 Susan hid behind the door.苏姗躲在门后。
149 She left me behind.她把我丢在后面。
150 They fell behind the times.他们跟不上时代。
150 We behold the ship sink.我们看见船下沉。
150 Behold!What a beautiful sight it is.看啊!多么美丽的风景。
150 My house is being built.我的房子正在建筑当中。
150 Being rich,he could buy it.他有钱,所以能买下来。
150 He has become quite a great being.他已成为十分伟大的人。
150 I believe her [to be] homest.(或I believe that she is honest.)
150 I don't believe him.我不相信他。
150 I believe in God.我信仰上帝。
150 The bell of our school is ringing.我们学校的校铃响了。
151 That book belongs to me.那本书是我的。
151 They belong to this class.他们属于这一班。
151 China is my beloved motherland.中国是我所爱的祖国。
151 The bird is flying below the cloud.鸟在云层下飞翔。
151 Hang this picture below that.把这幅画挂在那一幅的下面。
151 See below.看下面。
151 Down below,we can see a village.我们向下看,能见到一座村庄。
151 There is a bench in the park.公园里有一张长椅子。
151 She bent over the baby.她俯身看婴孩。
151 He bent the wire.他把铁丝弄弯。
152 My trip to the south was of much benefit to my health.
152 He went to the benefit concert asdt Saturday.他上周六参加慈善演奏会。
152 The sea air will benefit you. 海洋空气将对你有益。
152 My grandfather is bent with age.我的祖父因年老而驼背。
152 The tree is covered with ripe berries.树上长满了成熟的浆果。
152 Mary sat beside me.玛丽坐在我旁边。
152 He was beside himself with joy.他高兴得忘形了。
152 There was another man besides him.除他以外还有另一个人。
152 Besides, she began to laugh.而且,她也开始笑了。
152 This is the best hat.这是最好的帽子。
152 I like autumn best.我最喜欢秋天。
153 I will do my best.我会尽力去做。
153 The flowers in the garden aer at their best.花园里的花朵盛开着。
153 She makes the best of her time.她尽量利用她的时间。
153 I bet ten dollars on the white horse.我对这匹白马下十元赌注。
153 He wins the bet.他打赌赢了。
153 That is better than this.那个比这个好。
153 He is much better today.他今天好多了。
153 Which do you like better, spring or autumn?
153 I like spring better[than autumn].我比较喜欢春天。
153 I had better go there.我最好到那里去。
153 There were many wars between the two countries.
153 Susan walked between her father and mother.
153 Taichung is between Taipei and Tainan.台中在台北与台南的中间。
154 Tea,coffee,wine and milk are beverages.
154 Beware of pickpockets.小心扒手。
154 My house lies beyond the mountains.我的房子在山的那一边。
154 The task was beyond me.这工作不是我的能力所能办得到的。
154 Look beyond!向远处看!
154 I go to school by bicycle.我骑自行车上学。
154 Can he ride a bicycle?他会骑自行车吗?
154 He bade us prepare fot the journey.他吩咐我们准备去旅行。
154 We come to bid him good-bye.我们来向他告别。
154 Billy is a big boy.比利是个大男孩[指身材而言]
154 Lake Michigan is big.密执安湖是个大湖。
154 Can you ride a bike?你会骑自行车吗?
155 Billiards is a good indoor game.台球是一种有益的户内游戏。
155 Edison deserved a place in the biography of famous men of the age.
155 A bird is flying in the sky.一只鸟正在空中飞翔。
155 write the date of your birth.写下你的出生日期。
155 Happy birthday to you!祝你生日快乐!
155 She has sixteen candles on her birthday cake.
155 Beijing is my birthplace.北京是我诞生的地方。
155 He ate every bit of his lunch.他一小口一小口地吃午饭。
155 Give me a bit of cotton.给我一点棉花。
156 She is not a bit better.她一点也没好。
156 Wait a bit.等一会儿。
156 A dog bit Tom in the leg.狗在汤姆腿上咬了一口。
156 The child bit at a peach.这小孩吃着桃子。
156 A good medicine tastes bittter.良药苦口。
156 We shall fight to the bitter end.我们要奋斗到底。
156 Coal is black.煤炭是黑的。
156 It is a black night.那是个黑夜。
156 Mary is clothed in black.玛丽穿着黑色的衣服。
156 He wrote English on the blackboard.他在黑板上写英文。
157 Chinese black tea is very famous in the world.
157 The blade of this knife was too dull.这把刀太钝了。
157 If anything goes wrong,don't blame me.假如有什么不对,不要怪我。
157 John bears the blame for his brother.约翰替他弟弟受责。
157 This row is blank.这一行是空白的。
157 Fill the blanks.将空格填上。
157 My baby is wrapped in a red blanket.我的宝宝裹在红毛毯里。
157 The snow blanketed the ground.雪掩盖着大地。
157 There comes a blast of wind.吹来一阵疾风。
157 He blew a blast on his horn.他吹了一声号角。
157 There was a terrible blast in the coal mines.矿坑中发生了可怕的爆炸声。
157 This rock has to be blasted.这块岩石必须炸掉。
158 The wind blasted the cherry blossoms.风把樱花吹残了。
158 It took the firemen two hours to put the blaze out.
158 A fire was blazing in the fireplace.壁炉中的火正在燃烧着。
158 On Xmas Eve our house blazed with lights.
158 The news was soon blazed abroad.消息很快就传遍开来。
158 Mary's nose bleeds badly.玛丽的鼻子流了很多血。
158 We are all willing to bleed for our country.我们都愿意为国家牺牲。
158 You can blend the wine with water.你可以在酒里掺水。
158 The priest blessed the people.牧师为人们祝福。
158 "We praise Thee,we bless Thee."“我们赞美你,我们颂扬你。”
158 Bless me!保佑我(上帝保佑我)!
159 He is blessed with good health.身体健康使他过得很幸福。
159 She is blind.她是瞎子。
159 The blind have a keen touch.盲人有很敏锐的触觉。
159 The house is built of concrete blocks.房屋是用水泥空心砖建造的。
159 The station is six blocks away from here.车站离这里有六条街。
159 The street was blocked up with crowds.马路上挤满了人群。
159 This pillar must be carefully blocked.这根柱子必须用石块小心垫衬。
159 Bob's face is covered with blood.鲍伯血流满面。
159 They are of the same blood.他们的血统相同。
159 The flowers are in full bloom.花正盛开着。
159 The roses bloom in spring.玫瑰在春天开花。
160 I like apple blossoms.我喜欢苹果花。
160 Plum trees have blossoms.梅树上有很多花。
160 The cherry trees of the garden are in full blossom now.
160 She weaes a green blouse.她穿着一件绿色的上衣。
160 The dust is blowing.尘土飞扬。
160 The wind blew hard.刮大风。
160 I blew at the candle.我向蜡烛吹气。
160 she blew the fire.她把火吹熄了。
160 John blew the trumpet.约翰吹奏小喇叭。
160 The sky is blue.天空是蔚蓝的。
160 Tom has blue eyes.汤姆有蓝色的眼睛。
160 The color of the sea is blue.海水是天篮色的。
160 My lips are blue with cold.我的嘴唇因寒冷而变青。
160 Jane turns away to hide her blush.珍妮把脸转开掩饰她的脸红。
160 At the first blush,the matter seems easy.乍看之下这件事似乎很容易。
161 Mary's face blushed like scarlet.玛丽的脸涨得通红。
161 I blush for you.我为你惭愧。
161 The wind blustered around the house.风在房子四周狂吹。
161 He blustered at us.他恐吓我们。
161 They put beautiful pictures on the board.
161 He will get (或go)on board tomorrow morning.
161 He boasted of what he had done.他自夸他自己所为。
161 We took a boat on the river.我们在河上乘小船。
161 He went to that island by boat with his mother.
161 We boated down the Thames.我们乘船顺泰晤士河而下。

162 body:肉体,身体,团体,集团
If she wishes to have a healthy body,she must live regularly.
162 We rushed out in a body.我们一起冲出去。

162 boil 煮,沸,沸腾,烹煮,煮沸
162 Water boils at 100℃.水在摄氏一百度时沸腾。
162 The water is boiling.水开了。
162 She boiled an egg.她煮了一个蛋。
162 The pot is boiling over.壶中的水沸溢出来了。

162 bold 大胆的,勇敢的,任意的
162 Tom looks bold.汤姆看起来胆子很大。
162 We are bold explorers.我们是勇敢的探险家。
162 Children are not liked if they are too bold.
162 bolt 螺钉,门闩,突然跳开,逃出,闩住
162 The news comes like a bolt from the blue.
162 The horse bolted.马突然跳开。
162 My servant bolted the door. 我的佣人闩住房门。

163 bomb 炸弹,轰炸
163 Our planes bombed the enemy's ships. 我们的飞机炸了敌人的船。
163 That is a book.那是一本书。
163 I have an English book.我有一本英文书。
163 He gave me Book Two.他给了我第二册。
163 The students are reading books in the classroom.学生们在教室里读书。
163 There are many novels in the bookcase.书橱里有很多小说。

163 booking office 售票房(处)
163 John goes to the booking office to buy the tickets.约翰去售票处买票。
163 The information office has printed plenty of booklets.

164 bookmark 书签
164 I bought three bookmark[er]s yesterday.我昨天买了三张书签。

164 bookshop 书店
164 There are many bookshops in Beijing.北京有很多书店。

164 bookstall 书摊
164 You can buy the movie magazine at the bookstall by the theatre.

164 bookstore 书店
164 Are there any bookstores around here?这附近有书店吗?

164 boot 半长靴,长靴
164 They wear boots in the snow.他们在雪地里穿着长靴。

164 bootblack 擦鞋匠
165 The bootblack shines your boots.擦鞋匠擦亮你的皮靴。
165 A baby was born last night.昨晚有个婴孩诞生了。
165 He is a born artist.他是一位天才艺术家。
165 May I borrow your pencils?我可以借你的铅笔吗?
165 I borrowed 200 dollars from him.我向他借了两百元。

165 boss 老板,工头,领袖,首领
165 Bob was fired by his boss.鲍伯被他的老板开除了。
165 He is the boss of the Republican party.他是共和党的领袖。

165 botanical 植物的,植物学的
165 I often walked with Susan in the botanical garden.

165 botany 植物学
165 He studies botany in Taiwan University.他在台大读植物学。
165 Both my parents are living.我的双亲都健在。
165 Both of them are still alive.他们两个人都还活着。
166 These books are both his. 这两本书都是他的。
166 I like both April and June.我喜欢四月也喜欢六月。
166 Both Jane and I are girls.珍妮和我都是女孩。
166 I don't know both of you.你们两人我并非都认识。
166 It is a needless bother.这是不必要的麻烦。
166 He is a bother to his teacher.他是一个令他老师伤脑筋的人。
166 Don't bother me.不要烦我。
166 Don't bother about it,I'll leave right away.别费心了,我马上就要走了。
166 I drink a borrle of milk evety day.我每天喝一瓶牛奶。
166 There is an empty bottle on the table.桌上有一个空瓶子。
166 It was found at the bottom of the sea.这是在海底发现的。
166 The village lies at the bottom of the mountain.这个村庄座落在山脚下。
166 Thank you from the bottom of my heart.我衷心感谢你。
166 Tom is an honest man at bottom.汤姆实际上是个老实人。
166 The dog bounded over the fence.狗跳过篱笆。
167 The ball bounds from the wall.球从墙上反弹回来。
167 The Pacific Ocean bounds Taiwan on the east.太平洋为台湾东部的界限。
167 We should bound our desires by reason.我们应以理智控制欲望。
167 The train is bound for Nanjing .这趟火车是开往南京的。
167 He is bound to succeed in his study.他在学业上一定会成功。
167 With one bound, he reached the other side of the ditch.
167 boundary 界线,边界
167 These two countries join at the boundary.这两国毗连为界。

167 bow 鞠躬,敬礼
167 They bowed to the king.他们向国王鞠躬。
167 He went there and bowed to his grandfather.
167 I gave my mother a bow.我向我母亲一鞠躬。
167 He made a bow when he met his teachers.他碰到老师便鞠一个躬。

167 bow 弓
167 I can draw a strong bow.我能拉强弓。
168 bowel 肠
168 Are your bowels open?你大便通吗?
168 bowl 碗,钵,玩保龄球,旋转,滑动
168 Mary broke her bowl.玛丽打破了她的碗。
168 He can eat three bowls of rice.他能吃三碗饭。
168 John bowled down seven at one time.约翰一次滚倒七支瓶子。
168 His car bowled along the smooth country roads.
168 This box is made of paper.这箱子是纸做的。
168 There are pencils in the box.箱子里有很多铅笔。
168 Mr.Lee is a good boxer.李先生是个很好的拳击手。
169 Do you like boxing?你喜欢拳击吗?
169 He is a Chinese boy.他是个中国男孩。
169 He has five boys.他有五个儿子。

169 boyhood 童年,童年时期
169 He was in Shanghai through all his boyhood.他在上海度过他的童年。

169 brag 夸张,夸辞,自夸者
169 His wealth is his brag.他夸大他的财富。
169 Peter is a brag.彼得是个喜欢自夸的人。
169 He brags his athletic records.他夸大他的运动纪录。

169 brain脑,脑部,智慧,智力
169 Bob has a clear brain.鲍伯的头脑清晰。
169 Use your brains.用你的智慧。

170 brake 制动器,刹车,使停
170 They applied the brake.他们用了刹车。
170 The driver braked the car at the gate.司机在大门口停车。
170 branch 树枝,分店,支流

170 Two birds are sitting on the branches.两只鸟栖息在树枝上。
170 The bank in that city is the branch of this bank.
170 This small river is a branch of the Yellow River.
170 brandish 挥动

170 The soldier brandished his sword at his enemy.

170 brave 勇敢的,大胆的
170 He was a brave boy.他是个勇敢的男孩。

171 Brazil 巴西
171 The largest country in South America is Brazil.巴西是南美最大的国家。

171 bread 面包,奶油面包
171 He gave me a slice of bread.他给了我一片面包。
171 We have bread and butter and milk for breakfast.

171 break 打破,破碎,亮,破晓
171 She broke her promise.她失信了。
171 Billy broke the world record.比利打破了世界纪录。
171 The eyeglasses break easily.眼镜片容易破。
171 Day breaks.天亮了。
171 War broke out yesterday.昨天发生了战争。

171 breakfast 早餐
171 I have breakfast at eight.我在八点钟吃早餐。

171 breast 乳房,胸部,奋勇抵抗
171 The mother gives the breast to her baby.母亲哺乳她的婴儿。
171 He was shot through the breast.他被枪击透胸部。
172 The boat breasted the rough sea waves.小艇与狂浪相抗。

172 breath 呼吸,气息
172 I took a deep breath and jumped into the river.

172 breathe 呼吸
172 We can breathe fresh air in the village.在乡下我们能呼吸到新鲜空气。

172 breeze 微风,轻风
172 On that day there was an icy breeze.那天刮着寒风。
172 We enjoy the mild breeze of summer.我们享受夏天温和的微风。

172 brick 砖块
172 The wall is made of beicks.墙是用砖砌成的。

173 bridge 桥
173 We built a bridge across the river.我们在河上造了一座桥。

173 bright 明亮的,光辉的,智慧的聪明的
173 We enjoyed the bright sunshine.我们享受明亮的阳光。
173 It is a bright suggestion.这是一个聪明的提议。
173 The sun shines bright.太阳明亮地照射着。

173 brighten 露出愉快之状,使光亮,使愉快
173 He brightened up with joy.他面露喜色。
173 He brightens the brass knocker with a piece of cloth.

173 brilliant 灿烂的,光辉的,有才能的
173 Susan is brelliant at language.苏珊有语言天分。

173 bring 携来,带来,养育,教育
174 He brought his child with him.他带他的小孩一起来。
174 Please bring me a book.请带一本书给我。
174 He was brought up in China.他在中国长大。

174 brink峭壁的边缘,边缘
174 Many animalc are on the brink of extinction at present time.

174 British英国的,英国人的
174 The British love their country.英国人民热爱他们的国家。
174 He visited the British Museum.他参加过大英博物馆。

174 broad 阔,宽,广大的
174 The river is fifty merers broad.这条河有50公尺宽。
174 Our principal is a man of broad experience.我们的校长是个经验丰富的人。

174 broadcast 广播,播种,传布,播音,广播的,普遍的,宽广地
174 He broadcasted by radio last night.他昨天晚上在电台播音。
175 I went to the broadcasting station.我到广播电台去。
175 President Johnson broadcasted a speech to all Americans yesterday.
175 We have broadcasted tomato seeds.我们已经播好番茄种子了。
175 They broadcast rumors everywhere.他们到处传布谣言。
175 James broadcasts every Thursday evening.詹姆斯每周四晚上播音。
175 They listened to my broadcast over the radio.
175 You must listen carefully to this broadcast program.
175 The candidate's speech caused our broadcast discontent.
175 The farmer sowed the field broadcast.农夫把种子宽广地撒播在田里。

175 broken 破碎的,不完全的
175 I found a lot of broken glass.我发现了一大堆碎玻璃。
175 They speak broken French.他们说的法文很不正确。

175 brook 小溪
176 I went to a brook to catch fish.我去溪边钓鱼。
176 I found some beautiful fishes in the brook.
176 He has one brother.他有一个兄弟。

176 brow 眉毛
176 She has very heavy brows.她的眉毛又浓又密。

176 brown 褐色的,棕色的
176 My hair is brown.我的头发是褐色的。

176 bruise打伤,瘀伤
176 He bruised his finger with a hammer.他的手指被锥子击伤。
177 He bruised her feeling.他伤害她的感情。

177 brush 刷,拂拭,刷子,扫帚,画笔
177 We brush our teeth every morning and evening.我们每天早晚刷牙。
177 She bought a hair brush (toothbrush).她买了一把发刷(牙刷)。

177 bucket 水桶
177 There is a bucket of water on the floor.地板上有一桶水。

177 budget 预算,预算表,存积,堆积,很多
177 John has a budger of his own.约翰有他自己的预算。
177 We have a budget of news today.我们今天有很多消息。
177 You have to budget your time.你必须把你的时间安排一下。

177 build建筑,建造
177 He built a house.他盖了一栋房子。
177 My house is built of wood.我的房子是木造的。
178 Our house is being built.我们的房子正在建造中。
178 Birds build nests.鸟造巢。
178 I had a new house buoilt.我盖了一座新房子。

178 building 建筑物,大厦,高楼
178 That is a very tall buildeng.那是一栋很高的大厦。
178 What a fine building this is!多精致的房子啊!
178 Many buildings can be seen from there.从那里能看到很多建筑物。

178 bulb 球茎,电灯泡,球茎状物
178 Likies grow from bulbs.百合是从球茎长出来的。

178 bullet 子弹
178 He was hit by a bullet.他被子弹打中了。

178 bump撞,碰,肿块,
178 I bumped my head against the wall.我的头撞到了墙。
178 John and Jack bumped against each other.约翰与杰克相撞了。
178 She had a bump on her head owing to a car accident.

178 bunch一束,一把
178 I gave him a bunch of grapes.我给了他一串葡萄。
178 They are afine bunch of boys.他们是一群好男孩。
179 She bunched the flowers.她把花弄成一束。
179 After the game all the players bunched together.

179 bundle捆,束,包,包裹,捆起,包扎
179 It is a bundle of hay.这是一捆干草。
179 I received a bundle from my friend.我接到我朋友寄来的包裹。
179 Mary bundled up all her books.玛丽把所有的书捆了起来。

179 burden负荷,重载,负担,重累
179 The young man can carry a heavy burden.年青人能背负重担。
179 He is a burden to his family.他是他家庭的累赘。
179 They are building a ship of ten thousand tons burden.
179 He burdened his camel with a heavy load.

179 burn 燃烧,烧毁
179 The wood is burning.木头正在燃烧。
179 His house burnt to the ground.他的房子烧毁了。
179 I burnt coal in this stove.我在壁炉里烧煤炭。

179 burst 爆炸,胀裂,突破
180 A bomb burtst a few yards away from his house.
180 I cannot eat any more;my stonach seems to burst.
180 Mary always bursts with laughter.玛丽常突然大笑。
180 The river burst its banks.河水冲溃堤岸。

180 bury 埋葬,隐藏
180 Dogs like to bury bones.狗喜欢埋骨头。
180 She buries her passion deep down inside her heart.

180 bus 公共汽车
180 He goes to school by bus.他搭公共汽车上学。
180 I took a bus.我搭公共汽车。

180 bush 灌木,矮树
180 I hid behind the bush.我躲在灌木后面。

180 business 商业,事业,工作,事务
180 My brother is a man of business.我哥哥是个商人。
180 It is not your business.不甘你的事!
180 Mind your own bsiness.管你自己的事!(不甘你的事!)
181 I have gone into business.我已从商了。
181 He went to Shanghai on business.他到上海去办事。

181 busy 忙碌的。
181 He was busy with his work.他工作很忙。
181 Are you busy now?你现在忙吗?
181 We were busy all day long.我们忙了一整天。

181 but 但是,然而,可是
181 He is poor, but I am not.他很穷,但我可不穷。
181 John is not diligent,but idle.约翰并不勤勉,而是懒惰。
181 Mr.Brown is not only a sportsman but[also]a poet.
181 I have but one pencil.我只有一支铅笔。
181 She is but a child.她只是一个孩子。
181 We go to office every day but Sunday.除了星期日,我们每天上班。
181 But for his help, I could not succeed.要不是他帮忙,我不会成功。
181 I could not but cry.我忍不住哭了。

181 butcher屠夫,屠宰商,肉店,刽子手
181 He is a butcher by trade.他的职业是屠夫。
181 I bought one pound odf meat from the butcher.我在肉店里买了一磅肉。
182 Mr. Wang butchered the pig with a sharp knife.

182 butter奶油,牛油,奶油面包
182 Give me two pounds of butter,please.请给我两磅奶油。
182 He likes bread and butter.他喜欢奶油面包。

182 butterfly蝴蝶
182 A butterfly is flying around the flower.蝴蝶绕着花儿飞舞。

182 buy 买
182 I want to buy a doll for my sister.我要买一个洋娃娃给我妹妹。
182 He bought a dictionary.他买了一本辞典。
182 My sister will go to the market to buy some fruit.

182 by 在...旁,由...而来,依,被,由,搭
182 I am standing by the gate.我站在大门旁。
182 I have returned by land(sea).我经陆路(水路)回来。
182 My sister goes to school by car.我妹妹搭汽车回学校。
182 He went to Tianjin by train.他搭火车去天津。
182 What time is it now by your watch?你的表现在是几点钟?
183 I will be here by seven o'lock.我七点以前一定到。
183 He is taller than I by two inches.他比我高两吋。
183 She lives there by herself.她单独住在那里。
183 By the way,what do you wish to drink?顺便问问你,想喝点什么?
183 He went to Europoe by way of America.他经由美国到欧洲去。
183 We learn English little by little.我们慢慢地学英文。
183 One by one,we left his house.我们一个接一个的离开他家。
183 I am standing by .我站在旁边。
183 Time went by.时间消逝了。
183 By and by,she got better.不久,她就好起来了。

183 cab出租汽车,计程车,司机室,驾驶室,在旁地,过去地
183 we took a cab to the hospital.我们搭出租汽车去医院。
183 The truck driver ate lunch in the cab.卡车司机在司机室里吃午餐。

183 cabbage卷心菜
183 He likes to eat boiled cabbage.他喜欢吃煮过的卷心菜。

183 cabin 木屋,小屋
184 Many years ago there were log cabins in England.

184 cafe 饮食店,饭店,酒店,咖啡厅
184 Tom likes to go to the cafe in the evening.汤姆晚上喜欢去咖啡厅。

184 cafeteria自助餐厅
184 There are many cafeterias in America.在美国有很多自助餐厅。

184 cage鸟笼,栏槛
184 There is a beautiful bird in the cage.鸟笼子里有一只美丽的鸟。

184 cake 饼,糕
184 He likes cakes very much.他很喜欢吃蛋糕。
185 Please have another cake.请再吃一块饼。

185 calculate估计,计算
185 The population of the island is calculated roughly at ten millions.
185 The cost is calculated at one dollar.成本以一元计算。

185 calculator计算器,计算者
185 Father bought me a calculator yesterday.爸爸昨天买一个计算器给我。
185 My calculator is more convenient than your abacus.

185 calendar日历,月历
185 A beautiful calendar is hanging on the wall.墙上挂着一本美丽的月历。

185 call 喊叫,拜访,称呼,电话中通话
185 I called loudly, but no one answered.我大声叫喊,但没有人回答。
185 I called on him at his house yesterday.昨天我到他家拜访。
185 We call him Tom.我们叫他汤姆。
185 What do you call this flower in Chinese?这种花中国话怎么说。
185 I will call at his office.我会到他办公室去拜访。
185 I will call on her.我会去拜访她。
185 I will call her.我会打电话给她。
185 I will call to her.我会叫他来。
186 The picnic was called off for the rain.野餐因为下雨而取消了。
186 Someone called you up while you were out.你出去的时候有人打电话给你。
186 We heard his call for help.我们听到他求救的叫声。
186 I'll give you a phone call tomorrow morning.我明天早上会打电话给你。
186 Please answer the phone call.请去接电话。
186 I paid them a short call.我对他们作了一个简短的访问。

186 calm安静的,镇定的
186 Anna is quite calm now.安娜现在很安静。.
186 No matter what happens,you must keep calm.
186 John said so with forced calm.约翰故作镇静地如此说。
186 The crying girl soon calmed down.哭闹的女孩不久就安静下来了。

186 camel骆驼
186 We can see the camel at the Beijing Zoo.

186 camera照相机,摄影机
186 this camera was made in America.这架照相机是美国制造的。
187 My friend took our picture with his camera.

187 camp野营,帐篷,露营
187 The man made(broke)a camp.这个人架起(拆掉)帐篷。
187 They are camping in the park.他们在公园里露营。
187 They went camping.他们露营去了。

187 campus校园
187 Jimmy's home is on the university campus.吉米的家在大学的校园内。
187 I live on compus.我住在校内。
187 Our university has a beautiful campus.我们的大学校园很美。

187 can 能够,如何能够,大概能...,不得不,忍不住
187 Can you play tennis?你会打网球吗?
187 She can swim.她会游泳。
187 You can go with me.你可以和我一起去。
187 what can it be?会是什么呢?
187 We cannot have said so.我们不可能如此说过。
187 You have to work as hard as you can .你必须尽量努力去做。
187 I could not but laugh at her.我忍不住笑她。

187 can金属罐,罐头
187 I'd like two cans of milk.我要两罐牛奶。
188 Many goofd may be sold in cans.很多食物都可以罐装出售。

188 Canada加拿大
188 Ottwa is the capital of Canada.渥太华是加拿大的首都。

188 Canadian加拿大人
188 Mr.Brown is a Canadian.布朗先生是加拿大人。

188 canary金丝雀
188 A beautiful canary is singing in the cage.一只美丽的金丝雀在笼里歌唱。

188 cancel 删去,取消,抵消,对消,作废
188 Henry canceled many unnecessary words in his manuscript .
188 They canceled their appomtment.他们取消了他们的约会。
188 These two figures cancel each other.这两个数字彼此抵消。

189 cancer癌,毒瘤
189 John's uncle died of cancer.约翰的叔叔死于癌症。

189 candidate候选人,候补者,投考人
189 They are candidates of this election.

189 candle 蜡烛
189 He lighted a candle.他点燃一枝蜡烛。
189 She put six candles on the birthday cake.

189 candlelight 烛光
189 I often read by candlelight when I lived on"Fishermen's Island".

189 candy 糖果,糖制的食物,蜜饯
189 Does he like candy?他喜欢糖果吗?

189 canoe独木舟
189 It is a canoe.这是独木舟.
189 We are canoeing in the lake now.

190 cap帽子,盖,套
190 I wear a cap.我戴了一顶便帽。
190 Where is the cap of her fountain pen?她的钢笔套在哪里?

190 capable 有能力的,能的
190 I have a capable mother.我有一位能干的母亲。

190 capacity容量,能力,才能,地位,资格
190 This can has a capacity of four quarts.
190 Tom has capacity for selflearning.汤姆有自修的能力。
190 He employed me in his capacity of director.

190 capital首府,首都
190 washington,D.C. is the capital of the U.S.A.

190 capitalize 大写,利用
190 The first word of a sentence has to be capitalized.句子的第一个字必须在写。
190 Everyone should capitalize on his opportunity.每个人都应当利用机会。

191 capsule 胶囊,瓶帽
191 This pill is enclosed in a capsule.这粒药是用糖衣胶裹住的。

191 captain队长,首领,船长,舰长
191 He was elected captain of his team.他被选为球队的队长。
191 The captain is the last one to leave his ship.船长是最后一个离船的人。

191 captive 俘虏,被俘的。
191 They led him captive to West Berlin.他们把他当作俘虏送到西柏林。
191 Bill is a captive soldier.比尔是个被俘的士兵。

191 car 车,汽车,
191 He took(got off)a car.他乘(下)汽车。
191 My uncle has his own car.我叔父有自己的汽车。
191 He went there by car.他坐汽车去。

191 carbon副本
191 How many carbons do you want?你要几份副本?

191 card 纸牌,名片,卡片
192 A Christmas card 圣诞卡
192 They played[at]cards. 他们玩纸牌了。

192 care 担心,忧虑,用心,注意,照顾,保护,小心,
192 He is free from care.他从不担心。
192 I have many cares.我有很多忧心的事。
192 She is full of care.她非常注意。
192 The children were under my care.儿童由我照顾。
192 Take care not to make a mistake again.小心不要再犯错。
192 She took care of the baby.她照看婴孩。
192 Take good care of your work.对你的工作要多小心。
192 We don't care about such a thing.我们不在乎这种事。
192 We don't care if it rains.我们不在乎会不会下雨。
192 Would you care for a cup of tea?你想喝一杯茶吗?
192 She will care for the baby.她会照顾婴孩的。

192 careful注意的
192 Be careful.小心。
192 He is a careful driver.他是个谨慎的驾驶员。
192 He is careful about his lessons.他对他的功课很注意。
192 She is careful of small things.她很注意小事情。

193 carefully很注意地,仔细地
193 Mary read the book carefully.玛丽很仔细地念书。

193 careless 不注意的,粗心的,不注重的
193 Don't make such a careless mistake.不要犯这样粗心的错误。
193 He was careless in everything.他对每件事都很粗心。
193 He is careless about his features.他不注重他的外表。

193 cargo[船上载的]货物
193 The workers are loading the cargo.工人们正在装货。

193 carnation康乃馨
193 There are carnations in the vase.花瓶里有康乃馨。

193 carp鲤鱼
193 I like the white carp most.我最喜欢白色的鲤鱼。

193 carpenter 木匠
193 A carpenter is building the house.一个木匠正在盖房子。

193 carrier运送人,搬运工具
194 The mail carrier brings me a letter.邮差给我送来一封信。

194 carry 运送,携带,传送
194 Bus carries many passengers every day.公共汽车每天载送很多旅客。
194 I carried my basket in my hand.我手里提着我的篮子。
194 I carried a message to her.我给她带了一个音信。
194 It is easy to carry out these orders.这些命令很容易执行。

194 cart二轮马车,轻便送货车
194 We conveyed our goods in a cart.
194 We cart away these baggages.我们用车载走这些行李。

194 case 箱,盒
194 I keep my diamond in the jewel case.我把我的钻石放在首饰盒里。

194 case场合,情况,案件
194 In that case,he is wrong.在那种情况下,他是错的。
194 The case is different in the south.这种情况在南方是不同的。
194 If that is the case,I will not go.如果那样,我就不去了。
195 In case of rain we can't go.万一下雨我们就不能去。

195 cash现金,钱款,付款,兑现
195 He has no cash on himself.他身上没有现钱。
195 I am very short of cash.我很缺现金。
195 The bank will cash your tendollar check.银行会兑付你的十元支票。

195 cast铸造,型,演员,阵容,投,掷,抛
195 The film has a superior cast.那影片演员阵容强大。
195 He cast a stone into the water.他将石头抛向水中。

195 castle 城堡
195 The castle stands on the mountain.城堡耸立在山上。

195 cat猫
195 We keep a cat in our house.我们家养了一只猫。
195 When the cat is away,the mice will play.猫一不在,老鼠就闹翻天。
195 Our cat caught many mice.我们的猫捉了很多老鼠。

195 catch捉,捕,患,感染
196 She caught a bird.她捉住一只鸟。
196 I have caught the ball.我接住了球。
196 The policeman caught the murderer alive.警察生擒凶手。
196 You can catch the first train.你赶得上第一班火车。
196 He has caught a cold.他感冒了。
196 The house caught fire yesterday.这房子昨天失火了。
196 You have tostudy hard to catch up with others.

196 catcher接球手
196 He is an excellent catcher.他是个优秀的接球手。

196 cathedral天主教教堂,大教堂
196 They visited St.Paul's Cathedral.他们参观圣保罗大教堂。

196 Catholic天主教的,天主教徒
196 Mary is a devoted Catholic.玛丽是虔诚的天主教徒。

196 cattle家畜,牛
196 These cattle are from Holland.这些牛是从荷兰来的。

196 caught(捕、捉)的过去式,过去分词
196 John caught me by the hand.约翰捉住我的手。

196 cause 原因,理由,动机,目的,诉讼
196 The flood was the cause of much damage.水灾是造成重大损失的原因。
197 Jim was angry without cause.吉姆无缘无故地发脾气。
197 Our army fights in the cause of justice.我们的军队为正义而战。
197 The fire caused much damage.火灾招致重大损失。

197 caution 谨慎;警告
197 Take every caution against error.谨防错误。
197 I cautioned Mary not to be late.我警告玛丽不要迟到。

197 cautious非常小的;慎重的
197 I am cautious of giving offence.我小心不触怒别人。

197 cave穴洞
197 We hid in a cave when it rained.下雨时,我们在洞中躲雨。

197 cavity洞;凹处;洞穴;腔
197 I have a cavity in the tooth.我的牙齿蛀了一个洞。

197 cease停止
197 The baby ceased to cry.婴儿停止哭了。
197 The band ceased playing.乐队停止演奏。
197 Cease fire.停火。

197 ceiling天花板
198 He is looking at the ceiling.他正看着天花板。

198 celebrate庆祝;赞美;举行;纪念
198 I celebrated his birthday.我祝贺他的生日。
198 We celebrated the marriage.我们举行了结婚仪式。

198 celebrated著名的
198 Dr. Hu Shih was a celebrted scholar in China.

198 celebration庆典,庆祝
198 National Day celebrations often include fireworks.
198 The celebration of wedding will last for three days.

198 cell小室;细胞;蜂房
198 Our bodies are made up od cells.我们的身体是由细胞构成的。

198 cellar地窖,酒窖
198 we keep our wine in the cellar.我们把酒存放在地窖里。

199 center中央,中心
199 The tower is in the center of the city.这座塔位于市中心。

199 central中央的,中心的
199 The Bank of England is the central bank of England.

199 century世纪,百年
199 It is now the 20th century.现在是二十世纪。
199 London has been the capital of England for centuries.

199 ceremony典礼,仪式,有礼貌的行为
199 Mr. Lee has fixed October 24th for his marriage ceremony.
199 We use much ceremony with each other.我们彼此都很有礼貌。

199 certaind确定的,一定的,某一个,某人
200 I feel certain that he will come.我确信他会来。
200 She is certain to come.她一定会来的。
200 A certain person called on you yesterday.昨天有人来拜访你。

200 certainly确定地,一定地,必然地,当然地
200 He will certainly be punished.他一定会被罚的。
200 She will certainly succeed in the examination.他考试一定会成功。
200 May I take this pen?我可以拿这支笔吗?
200 Yes,certainly.当然可以。
200 Remember me to your mother.Certainly I will.

200 certify证明,保证
200 I can certify to his good character.我可以保证他的品行良好。

200 chain链,连绵,连串
200 She carries a watch with chain.她戴着一只有表链的表。
200 We kept our dog on a chain. 我们用链子拴住我们的狗。
200 I saw a chain of hills.我看到连绵的山丘。
200 A chain of accidents took place.一连串的意外事件发生了。

200 chair椅子
200 Please take a chair.请坐
201 He is sitting on a chair.他正坐在椅子上。

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